Arminas Katilius, craftsman and founder of Son & Father

I am Arminas Katilius, Lithuanian craftsman and business owner - founder of “SON & FATHER”.

After studying Management and Business in Lithuania, I have left for the shores of England to work hard and make my way. There I swiftly climbed the corporate steps trough thorough and responsible outlook towards my work which was not related to wood craftsmanship.

However, when I received an offer to work with wood in Norway, even though it was wooden door manufacturing, I left witout any doubts in my mind.

Since my childhood, I felt love for wood... Working in Norway I would look with pity at how the leftover pieces of exotic wood were being discarded. I would collect them and pile them, so I can use them to craft something upon inspiration or idea springing in my head.

My story is not just about me, because my love for wood and the establishment of “SON & FATHER” is related to 3 generations of my family. I inherited the love for wood from my grandfather Augustinas, also the opportunity, trust and courage I was given by my father. The life turned out in such a way that me and my dad were separated by fate for a long while.

Despite that we were both hurting, for a longest time the only thing left between us was a formal: “Hello. How are you?-.. Hi, I am well” .

When the fate has separated us, the fate has given us a chance to bring us close. My father has extended his hand at the time when I most needed it in Norway. Dad became my strongest and closest supporter after I decided to comeback from Norway to Lithuania and start my own business. His ideas, advice, knowledge and support became invaluable to me and helped me to optimize my effort, energy and time when starting “SON & FATHER”.

In Norway I started crafting wooden rings using a special technology which allowed me to make very thin rings durable and elegant. It dawned on me that the time has come to realize my dream and start my own business doing what I love, when even the toughest and most capricious wood started “listening” to my hands. Following that, I started crafting wooden bow-ties and other wooden accessories. I was very happy to learn that my creations were exceptional and sought after.

I came back to Lithuania and continue to crafting exceptional pieces. All of my creations are hand-crafted, putting in a “piece” of me in each and every one of them. I use rare types of wood, which gives a unique style, form and texture to each article. All of my creations are made with exceptional care, giving them a capricious character and prideful, luxurious look. They are meant for people who have style and value uniqueness.

One thing I know for sure – no matter if the business side of things will go well or not – my love for wood will remain forever. I hope that my creations will make you happy as well! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Arminas Katilius

                                                                                                                                                             Founder of Son & Father